Highly skilled fitters and welders for the shipbuilding industry. Our welders are certified in several procedures based on international standards for internationally recognized classification societies. We carry a variety of types of welding: Mig - Mag, Tig, Electrode, SAW (submerged arc), etc ... For that we have great professionals and modern equipment.

The versatility of our professional WELDCON SCL makes a company ready to face any challenge. We prefabricate all types of blocks: double bottoms and wing tanks both curved or straight, bow and stern blocks, covers, control bridge blocks, etc ...
Previous, design, assembly and welding. Panels union using submerged arc (SAW). We have highly trained staff in interpreting technical information of the design and montage of the structure. We have modern dimensional inspection systems to verify the correct assembly.

Our contrasted experience in the blocks prefabrication is confirmed by the more than two years since we have performed this type of service without interruption to the Union Naval of Valencia (since August 2007) and more than a year for Balenciaga Shipyard Zumaia - Guipuzcoa (since July 2008).